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What is MOT'R?

Driving cars costs money, from buying fuel and insurance to fixing unwanted repairs. In the UK today millions of people every year experience all sorts of problems with their car and unfortunately most are spotted much too late. MOT’R (pronounced MOTOR) is an app that helps you spot problem areas specific to your car before it’s too late, it then helps you find a local mechanic and gives you GPS to the best MOT centre nearby.


The simple vision for this app is to help people all over the UK drive safely and efficiently.

Money saving features

Avoid potential problems

Search our extensive database to see of millions of car in the UK, using accurate statisctics see what is most likely to go wrong with your car

Dynamic Statistics

See your cars specs, MOT due date, Tax due date, Co2 emmissions, get secure car check

Find Nearest MOT Centre

Book MOT via the app, see all the MOT centres in your area AND their pass rates, the one 5 miles further away might cause you less hassle.

GPS to nearest Service

After seeing any potential problems with your car find Car Servicers, Mechanics, Tyre Fitters, Car Dealers & Scrapyards in the area.


Finding problems with car early to save money



See what MOT centre is the best for you



Save time finding reliable sources for car maintaince



Seemlessly see when your MOT & Tax is due



Discover early the right time to sell your car on





MOT'R does the hard work


- Searches by car registration, year and make to discover the top three reasons for MOT failure

- Searches for MOT centres which have the highest pass rate for this make and year of car

- Provides ratings for garages if available

- Filters results by user location and region

- Provides link to Hire Purchase Investigation (HPI) site to discover history of your vehicle

How to use

The vision for this app is to provide a powerful service that is easy to navigate,

follow these simple steps below to see how the app works:

Step 1

Enter your registration or use search to find your car.

Step 2

Find stats specific to your car, These include: MOT & Tax renewal date, Chasis number, Co2 emissions and more.

Step 3

Find potential problems with your vehicle, we Crosscheck 1,000's of other cars the exact same as yours that failed MOT and why they did.

Step 4

Find nearest MOT centre and see their pass rate, Using your current location we will find the closest MOT centre and take you there. You can also search for any type of car specialist.

Step 5

Save your car to the garage and keep searching, Never lose any previous searches, once a car is saved to the garage it can be accessed at any time.

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